Adobe Virtual Field Trip

Adobe's annual summer Field Trip unites employees' families for a day of art, STEM, and creativity using Adobe products. In collaboration with Cogs and Marvel, Virtu Labs crafted two virtual 3D worlds—"Message in a Bottle" and "Kite Wish"—where attendees exchanged notes and created digital kites. The Field Trip finale saw families worldwide virtually flying their kites, filling the sky with color and wishes, and celebrating community connections.

Leveraging the capabilities of WebGL for 3D graphics rendering in web browsers, Virtu Labs, in collaboration with Cogs and Marvel, created two immersive virtual 3D worlds—"Message in a Bottle" and "Kite Wish"—for Adobe's annual summer Field Trip, enabling employees' families to exchange heartfelt notes and build, decorate, and fly digital kites in a unifying finale that celebrated creativity, connection, and community.


Selected Works

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