NIKE Pop-up

Teaming up with SET Creative, Helios Interactive, and Hybrid Design, we at VirtuLabs played a pivotal role in creating a mesmerizing experience at the Nike pop-up store in San Francisco. One of the key highlights was an immersive LED spectacle that blanketed the store, creating a dynamic and engaging environment that echoed the spirit of innovation synonymous with Nike.

Immersive Retail Transformation

Our contribution to this project was the design and implementation of a high-performance video playback system. This system, equipped with features to schedule, select, and remotely update content, added a layer of digital interactivity that intensified the overall experience. With this, we ensured that the pop-up store wasn't just a retail space, but a canvas for the seamless fusion of technology and creativity.


Our innovative solution equipped Nike to conduct a dynamic live event for the launch of the Nike Air Foamposite One. This retail moment, set in a unique pop-up boutique, was more than just a product release; it was an experiential narrative that invited consumers to interact with the brand in a whole new way. At VirtuLabs, our aim is to not just create technology, but to use it as a vehicle for crafting memorable, immersive experiences.

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