Byton Concept Car

At VirtuLabs, in partnership with Helios, we had the privilege of joining forces with Byton to pioneer their groundbreaking autonomous concept car. Our team developed an innovative machine learning-powered face recognition software seamlessly integrated with the Unity3D UI system. This cutting-edge technology enables the car to personalize the experience for each passenger by loading their individual preferences as they step into the vehicle.

2-BYTON Driver Tablet

AI Driven Experience

The future of car experiences is poised for a remarkable transformation through the integration of AI technologies. VirtuLabs envisions a future where AI serves as a central intelligence that enhances every aspect of the driving journey. AI-powered autonomous driving systems will navigate roads with unparalleled precision, prioritizing safety and efficiency. AI will also revolutionize in-car personalization, with smart assistants adapting to individual preferences and seamlessly integrating with connected devices and smart home ecosystems.

1-BYTON Air Touch sensor
8-Individual control units
6-Individual rear seat entertainment
7-Individual control units
10-Front seats

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