SkyLights is a captivating laser installation, designed for the Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano event. This immersive project is a fruit of the collaboration between NaiveLaser and VirtuLabs, an augmented, virtual, and immersive software company. SKY-Lights acts as a fleeting light sculpture, offering an entirely physical experience where the very atmosphere becomes a medium for the play of light and perception.

Interactive Laser Symphony

Harnessing bespoke LASER light technology, this installation morphs into a responsive ecosystem that intelligently perceives the crowd, reacting dynamically to their movements, sounds, and actions. In a unique twist, the installation also enables the audience to 'paint with light' on the festival's ceiling, simply by their mere presence in the space.


The symbiosis between the light sculpture and its audience showcases the evolving dialogue that exists between the designer, the audience, and the medium, exemplifying the constantly adapting nature of design decisions.

At VirtuLabs, our objective extends beyond the standard; we aim to stir interaction and storytelling, engaging the Digital Design Days + OFFF Milano audience with the enveloping artwork. We believe in bringing the art to life, connecting it with our audience and turning spectators into active participants.

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