OFFF Conference of Milan

"WAVE" is an innovative interactive installation presented at the Digital Design Days - OFFF 2016 in Milan. This initiative, a collaboration with Filippo Spiezia at DDD, created a living and responsive environment for the festival's audience. The installation was designed to be more than a static display; it was an integral part of the event, an active participant that evolved and responded to its environment.

Living Festival Canvas

One of the most striking elements of the WAVE installation was the projection-mapped curved wall, which served as the festival's nexus. This wasn't merely a visual spectacle, but a dynamic canvas that encapsulated the festival's spirit. It displayed live tweets from the audience, broadcasted the speakers, and highlighted upcoming events, effectively transforming the wall into a real-time informational and communicational hub.


This project exemplifies the power of digital and interactive installations in creating immersive experiences. VirtuLabs and Filippo Spiezia have shown how art, technology, and audience participation can come together to create a captivating, responsive environment. Just like a wave, the installation was continuously in motion, evolving with the event and its audience.

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