Collateral Beauty

In collaboration with A-OK Collective, VirtuLabs designed an impactful interactive installation that enabled Warner Bros. to forge a personal connection with their audience. This installation, situated at the Americana at Brand outdoor mall in Glendale, California, took guests on an exploration of the themes depicted in the film 'Collateral Beauty.'

Life Tapestry

Immerse yourself in our pioneering "Unveil Your Collateral Beauty" project, a bespoke interactive experience that transcends conventional limits. This meticulously crafted journey is more than just innovative technology; it's a portal into your past, presenting a personalized tapestry of the pivotal moments that have defined your life.


Imagine an experience that doesn't just interact with you but understands and reflects your unique story. As you navigate through this immersive encounter, you're not just a passive observer; you become a participant, rediscovering the richness and diversity of your life's moments. This transformative journey gives you a renewed appreciation of your own 'collateral beauty,' a narrative as unique as you are.


We harnessed the latest technologies to guide viewers through an immersive animated montage of their shared moments from Instagram and Facebook. This journey culminated in a digital collage that was emailed to viewers for sharing on social media. The result was a powerful promotional tool that sparked conversation, amplified social media buzz, and spurred local box office sales.


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